A Bit About our Bluetooth Speakers

Hey there, fellow weekend lovers!  Thanks for taking the time to check out our site and read this quick post about the selection of bluetooth speakers we carry.  We've curated what we believe are the best bluetooth speakers out there, and let us tell you why!

First, we focused on one thing: FUN!  Because that's really what the weekend is all about.  So, which speakers will bring you the most fun??  

led light bluetooth speakerClearly, it's these light up, led bluetooth speakers!  Why are they so fun??  Well, they light up the night with awesome lights, synced with the music you're playing.  So you're not only getting some great tunes, but a light show as well.  What's more fun than that in a speaker?

Next up, the other thing that we think is often core to FUN is... VOLUME!  LOUDNESS Y'ALL!!  And for that reason, we carry this awesome 40-watt bluetooth speaker, totally portable, and ready to go with you wherever your adventure takes you.   And it has a long battery life, letting the music play for 4 to 9 hours, depending on loudness.  

Finally, being able to bring music with you anywhere you go is key to keeping that weekend vibe going all day long.  That's why we really love this ultra portable, mini bluetooth speaker that is easy to slip into any backpack or purse, making it your best travel companion.  It's not quite as loud as the other speakermini portable bluetooth speakers we talk about here, but it definitely does the job, on the go.

So there you have it... a little bit about some of our bluetooth speakers.  We hope you order one today and start living that weekend life all the time!


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