Corgis Love Beaches!

Corgis Love Beaches!

By Dayna Springfield 🐾

With beautiful California weather for the majority of the year, taking your corgi (or any dog of course!) to the dog beach is a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday.

The Huntington Dog Beach in Southern California is a favorite because of the large area dedicated to dogs. Not only is there walking paths with doggo water stations, but also a long stretch of sand that is off-leash for maximum FRAP (fun, random acts of play).

Corgi beach party!

Parking at the Huntington Dog Beach

If you don’t mind walking, there’s plenty of parking on the streets across from the beach, since the lots fill up quickly. Be a good neighbor and pick up after your pet. Leave leashes on until you’re in the designated dog beach area. Remember to check the ground and sand temperature since pupper paws can burn. Dogs want to have fun, but they also need to be safe! There’s usually an EZ Up with hats, dog toys, water, and more to help pay for the beach. Stop by and support!

Corgi Beach Day

A few times a year, something truly magical happens at this dog beach—hundreds of corgi’s meetup for So Cal Corgi Nation’s Corgi Beach Day! Picture all those stumpy legs frolicking in the ocean (to some, they’re referred to as “mercorgs”) and living their best lives, while Instagram blows up with corgi shenanigans and cuteness overload.

There’s pet vendors, food trucks, contests, and a sense of community that brings people and corgis from all over—all in the name of love for these dogs. All doggos are welcome too!

As if this meet-up couldn’t get any better, there’s also a charity attached to it too: Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue is on-site with corgi’s to adopt and many of the vendors donate to their pawesome cause. 

If you’re not in Southern California, there’s starting to be more and more corgi beach days, including San Francisco, Oregon, New Jersey, and more. Follow socalcorgibeachday on Instagram to learn about more events, like Corgi Paint & Pint nights and the Corgi Christmas Parade in Long Beach, CA each December.

Corgi Beach Day

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