How to Pull Off A Boys Weekend

How to Pull Off A Boys Weekend

NOTE: This post is mostly for guys in long term relationships or married, probably with kids.  Otherwise, most of your weekends are already "boys weekends."

When you've reached a certain phase in your life, having some time for yourself away from your significant other or family can be a fairly tricky thing to pull off.  First, you may question your motives:

"Why do I need time away?  Surely I love my family and I shouldn't need this."
"They need me... I need to stick around and make sure everything's OK!"

While convincing yourself that a little time for yourself is a good thing is not really the scope of this article, my personal opinion is that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and your SO/family will appreciate the refreshed version of you.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I want to share a few tactics that will help you have a great weekend away, guilt free, and help you recharge your batteries.

#1 - Pay it forward.

Before you get something for yourself, send your SO on a girls trip or some kind of relaxing outing so that she can also recharge her batteries.  Rack up some points ahead of time so that your time away will be a well earned and well deserved vacation.

#2 - Find the right crew

Once you know what kind of weekend you want to have, make sure you surround yourself with like minded friends who will equally enjoy the weekend you have in mind.  Nothing spoils a weekend when everyone wants to do something else and you can never agree on a plan.

#3 - Identify a few key activities

Usually, going with the flow is a really relaxing way to do a get-a-way weekend, but I find that having a few anchor events each day gives a good sense of accomplishment and that you didn't just lay around the entire time.  Picking a great dinner spot, a golf outing or a specific hike can give your crew something to plan around and rally.

#4 - BONUS: Pack the right gear

Sometimes, you just want to get away and some t-shirts and jeans is all you need. But if you really want to maximize your time, you might want to pack some key "boys weekend" essentials, which would include: a tumbler to keep the beers cold, a flask for the on-the-go gentleman, a bluetooth speaker for tunes by the pool, on the hike, etc, and some pain killers in case you run into some trouble. 

Hopefully this quick article helps you get the time off that we all need sometimes and have a great weekend!


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