About Us

Hello there, Weekend Warriors!

As full-time working parents, we long for the weekend. It’s all about getting out of the weekday grind and taking time to enjoy the outdoors, vacation, get out for a meal, or simply lounge around the house with our family and friends.

Our weekend life was the inspiration to open the digital doors to www.weekendmodeon.com -- a place to share some of our favorite weekend essentials like wireless Bluetooth speakersstainless steel tumblers, and weekend wear.

We want to build a lifestyle brand that enhances your enjoyment of the weekend.  High quality, reliable and affordable products that show the world that you like to have fun and that you KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN.  Fun means different things to everyone, so we will continuously feature new and unique products to help you maximize your weekend time.  So that's our story for why we started this store.

What about you? What’s your weekend mode?

- Lauren & Costin

Making music together is our weekend mode.